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(are not all printed on printer, but on the lab as photos and therefore in the highest quality of course by the quality of the photo)

Utility model

magnetic items production method, where classically induced photos with metallic surface join with magnetic foil and then it is minted on the press through the various shapes mold under strong pressuer

Photo magnet - photo is glued to a magnetic film and cutted into different shapes - rectangle, heart, ellipse, circle, or shield
magnets are very grateful if a elegant memorial promotional items.

Pocket  photo calendars are photos with glued callendar on the back sice and cutted to shape of 93x62mm rectangle with rounded corners.

Surface can be glossy , matt, or Metallic which gives some kind of  3D effect to the photo. Formats JPEG, BMP, TIFF, 24bit RGB Colour, 8-bit Grayscale, max. resolution 400 DPI.

Photomagnets price list
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